Terms of Sales

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Mobee International is a SAS with a capital of 50'940,00 EUR registered in the Trade and Companies Register under the identification number 824 986 947 R.C.S of Villefranche-Tarare. The head office is located at 305 Rue Gabriel VOISIN 69400 Villefranche-sur-Saône.

Mobee International SAS is registered in the register of travel and stay operators under the number IM069180010. 

Mobee International SAS has a financial guarantee from GROUPAMA Assurance Crédit et Caution, 8-10 rue d'Astorg, 75008 Paris. 

Mobee International has taken out a contract guaranteeing its Professional Civil Liability (RCP) with the Allianz IARD Group, 1 cours Michelet CS 30051, 92076 Paris la Défense Cedex.



Any registration/reservation implies that you accept the special & general conditions of sale of mobee international SAS (hereafter abbreviated as mobee international). As availability is limited, we recommend that you register as soon as possible.


Reservations can be made as follows:

- Written or oral reservation (fax, internet, telephone, interview)

- Immediate confirmation on our platform www.mobeetravel.com for all rentals that offer instant booking.

- Confirmation of the stay if mobee international is able to offer you the desired services following a reservation request made on www.mobeetravel.com. In this case, the reservation request is a firm and definitive commitment on your part.

- Only our confirmation of the reservation will conclude the contract definitively. 

Mobee Travel reserves the right to revise the price, subject to acceptance by the client, if it changes significantly. 

Mobee Travel reserves the right to cancel a reservation if it deems that the accessibility guarantees from the suppliers cannot be provided. 


The prices are indicated in EUR including VAT and include only the price of the accommodation, unless otherwise stated. The tourist taxes are also never included.


- Management fee for any partial or full payment not made on the website www.mobeetravel.com (check and/or vacation check): 10 EUROS

- Handling fee for requests for changes (date of stay, names of participants...): 50 EUROS

- Management fees for any request for delivery of medical equipment (medical bed, lift, gurney...): 50 EUROS.

- Handling fee for any request for assistance in organizing medical help during the stay: 100 EUROS.

- Handling fee for any request to cancel a flight or stay: 50 EUROS.

Additional fees are not refundable in case of cancellation.


The offer proposed by mobee international, including in particular accommodation, catering and/or leisure services, benefits from the exclusion of the right of withdrawal for distance sales in accordance with article L.121-20.-4 of the French Consumer Code.


The payment is requested from the moment mobee international confirms that it can accommodate you in the desired conditions. The full payment must be received at the latest 30 days before the departure date. For any payment by credit card, the client guarantees mobee international that he/she is the holder of the means of payment used and that he/she has sufficient funds to cover the requested payment. mobee international offers you the possibility to pay in several installments without any fees at the time of booking as long as the full amount is received within the above mentioned conditions. If the payment terms are not met, mobee international reserves the right to cancel the reservation without financial compensation. All coupons or discounts offered by mobee international must be indicated by the customer at the time of booking. Any subsequent notification will not be taken into account. The client can pay for his stay in several ways:

- By credit card

- By bank transfer - reservation confirmed once the transfer is received.

- By check - reservation confirmed once the check is received.

- By vacation cheque - booking confirmed once the vacation cheques are received.

- By VACAF check on express request to mobee international. - reservation confirmed once the VACAF checks are received.


mobee international offers to its Clients the Alma credit service for the settlement of their purchases and the execution of the payment. This is conditional upon the Customer's acceptance of the T&Cs or the credit agreement offered by Alma.

Any refusal by Alma to grant credit for an order may result in the cancellation of the order.
Any cancellation of the 

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