The label mobee travel

A guarantee of quality, created for and with people with disabilities

Why the mobee travel label ?

Until now, the available accessibility certifications have only considered two categories of accommodation: accessible and non-accessible. At mobee travel, we believe that there are more than two types of housing, which is why we have created our own label, which takes into account a multitude of possibilities. This means that the ideal accommodation for your needs can be found in one of our four levels of accessibility

Number one representing the level of accessibility

Level 1 accessibility

This is the ideal level for a person who uses a cane or a walker. with a cane or a walker. The home has simple facilities that make daily life that make daily life easier, but there may be there may be a few steps to steps to climb (up to a maximum of maximum of five).

Number two representing the level of accessibility

Level 2 accessibility

A dwelling labelled at level 2 can accommodate a wheelchair user. manual. Mobility within the inside the building can be easily in the main areas main areas (living spaces, bedroom and bathroom). The bathroom and the and toilets already have a a number of equipment. There are no no steps.

Number three representing the level of accessibility

Level 3 accessibility

Level 3 housing can accommodate people in electric or manual or manual wheelchairs. The living areas, the bathroom and and toilets are equipped with all the necessary necessary equipment.

Number four representing the level of accessibility

Level 4 accessibility

Here at last is the Holy Grail of of accessibility, the housing labelled level 4. This is accessible for all types of mobility. As for the other levels of accessibility, medical medical equipment can be be delivered to you, but this time this time regardless of the partner in question.

Examples of criteria among more than 150 available

I am in

I need to

Level 1 accessibilityLevel 2 accessibilityLevel 3 accessibilityLevel 4 accessibility
Walker or cane
Manual wheelchair
Electric wheelchair
Bathtub or walk-in shower
Grab bar in the shower
Grab bar in toilet
Rotation space for toilets
Empty space under sink and raised toilet
Delivery of medical equipment
Establishment trained to receive the public with disabilities

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